My Baby's Growing Up!!

Kendalyn got new sheets for Christmas, big girl sheets for a big girl bed! So we figured it was getting close to the time she should be in a twin bed rather than her crib.

A little back story.... ever since my hip started bothering me, I have had to send her upstairs for her nap without my help. She is a very independent child and I knew she'd be ok with it, even if she didn't like having to tuck herself in. Well this has been going on since mid November. I've been listening on the baby monitor to make sure she was fine ever since we started this new routine.

Within the last 2 weeks we've notice some of her "friends" (stuffed animals) on our bed when we'd go to bed at night. Rob thought she was bringing them to me in the morning to help wake me up. But I told him that they weren't there when I went downstairs in the morning. Then I noticed a few "friends" IN our bed this week and the covers were messed up. I put 2 & 2 together and realized that she's been sleeping in OUR bed at nap time! LOL I asked her how long she's been sleeping in our bed for nap, and she said "A long time." LOL

So fast forward... we've had 2 extra twin beds here for when guests spend the night, so we took one of the mattresses and the box spring and made her a Big Girl bed! She loves it! We couldn't get her out of it to come downstairs and eat lunch yesterday! I figure once she gets used to sleeping on the mattress and box spring, we'll put the frame under it.

She's growing up so fast! WAAAHHHHHH

The castle is from a story book we have, The Glitter Dragon. I copied/drew the castle from the picture in the book and I had a friend come and paint it for us. I really wanted her to paint a big red dragon on one of the other walls, but things kept getting in the way :(

Oh well, Kendalyn can still be a Princess playing in the fields around her Castle, even with out a dragon friend!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter's room is adorable. She is no doubt very happy and proud.

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