Kitchen Re-fresh

Sorry for not posting in forever. My life has been turned upside down since my last post. Not sure if I really want to get into it on here, but let's just say that things are changing around here in a big way.

So with that change I decided to make some changes myself :) We bought an OLD farm house (built in 1897) and it has needed way more work than we could really handle. Looks like I'll only be here another year, but that's another story. I decided that I needed to do something that made me feel good! SO I decided to paint the nasty blue cabinets that we've lived with for the past 8 years. Now I say cabinets, but in reality they are nothing more than plywood with holes cut into it for a drawer and some drawers, but they are the focus of the kitchen.

Here's the before...

I bought a cheap sander and went to work sanding the old nasty paint. That took all of an hour or so. Then I wiped it all down. 5 minutes. Then the next day I prepped the counter top and I taped up the edges of the dishwasher and stove. 5 minutes. And then I painted! I applied the first coat with a brush. I needed to make sure I got into the nooks and crannies, since I couldn't take the doors off the hinges easily. That took maybe an hour and a half. Now the "fun" part... waiting for it to dry. LOL

Here's the after the 1st. coat...

So 4 hours later I did the second coat :) For it I used a roller, I like the way it leaves a nice smooth look to the painted surface. I did not sand in between coats, but I could have.

Here's the after the 2nd coat...

So after I was done, I realized that I had been waiting for 8 years to do a total of 4 - 5 hours of work! I could have refreshed my kitchen YEARS ago! But for whatever reason I didn't. Silly me!

I was going to add a couple more pics of what I'm going to work on in the next few days, but blogger won't let me :( Oh well, I'll add them when I'm done.
Welcome to my new an improved blog. I hope you can find something useful, insightful, humorous or just plain silly here. Enjoy!
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