Finally, an update!

Whew, life has been crazy since I posted last! Let's see where do I start...

Kendalyn has started Kindergarten and is loving it! Here's a picture from her first day of school.

And yes we're suckups and those are apples on her dress ;) My Mom and I saw that dress and fell in love with it. K thought it was pretty cool too.

She loves her teacher and is doing really well. Shes the best reader in her class. She started out in the AM class, but because of the job I got, she was moved in to the PM class. That move just happened yesterday, but I think K will be ok with it.

So that leads me to my job. I am working as a child care teacher at Camp Adahi. I was hired for part time and was ok with that, knowing that the turn over and such is so high at these places that I'd end up with a full time position in no time. Well that happened FAR faster than I ever thought possible. I was hired on Friday and my first day was supposed to be that next Monday. I showed up for work and the director was walking down the walkway and she stopped me and we chatted for a little while. Later that day she came in and told me that I would get 35 hrs a week and that would make it so I could get medical insurance. Ok COOL! Well fast forward a week and the one girl that they hired for the 3 and 4 year olds quit. She was only there for 2 weeks. See what I mean about turnover!?! Anyway, that Monday I spoke with the director again and was offered more hours and an extra dollar an hour! Plus a day off a week. So Now I work M, W,Th, & F. 8 - 5. That's 36 hrs a week minimum. PLUS, she's trying to get me on the medical ins after only 30 days rather than the 90 that's usually the case.

I forgot the best part!!!! I get FREE child care! That's going to save me close to $250 a month. That in and of itself makes the job worth it, but the other benefits are nice too.

It's going to take a lot of patience to deal with some of the people I work with/for, but I think I can manage. Oh and the other thing... the teacher for the 4 and 5 year olds is leaving in a couple of weeks and she wants me to take her job. Who knows if that will happen or not, but I think it's a good possibility. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Other than that, I LOVE my apartment. I LOVE my neighborhood and I am SO happy to be back in PA.

I miss my online friends, but I'm hoping to have internet access at the apartment after the 1st of the year. I need to build up a financial cushion to help keep me on my feet before I agree to any extraneous bills (cable and internet! LOL)

So that's what I've been up to lately.
Welcome to my new an improved blog. I hope you can find something useful, insightful, humorous or just plain silly here. Enjoy!
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