Bundle of Baby

For today's Limited Supply Challenge. LSC108

Make a gender neutral baby card :) Well that worked out perfectly :) I just watercolored this little guy last night before I went to bed. Either I'm psychic... or I just really wanted to use my new stamp set, you decide ;)

I tried to make the "ground" look like a blanket. At first I stamped it with Flannel Plaid, but since it's on watercolor paper the plaid just didn't take because of the texture, so I played with the watercoloring until I had it pretty close. I'm going to have to try the Flannel Plaid idea on WW sometime, I think it will be neat.

To be honest with you, I HATED Fontastic when I first saw it in the catty. I just couldn't see the what I'd use it for, but then SCS struck again and all those talented artists showed me just how wrong I had been! It's a great background for kid and baby cards!

The little ribbon detail was kinda fun to make. It's just 2 pieces of ribbon, each folded and then stacked on each other, then I poked a little MM saftey pin thru the layers and a cute little embellishment is born!

To finish off the card I took a page out of PineFeather's book and used the craft white to DTP the edges. It softens the card perfectly, just right for a new little baby!

I've got Crabs ;)

OK get your mind out of the gutter LOL Not those crabs.

I just got Crab & Company set from the SU Spring mini and I'm in LOVE! I think they are going to be my new froggies (and I LOVE my froggies, if anyone knows where I can get a teenie tiny fly stamp, please LMK! I've been looking everywhere!) But I digress *grin*

I just made 2 cards in the past couple of days both using Crab & Co. which was quite the feat considering I still can't sit comfortably in a regular chair.

The first one was a 3 day card! First I stamped the crab and then I masked him. I sketched the shoreline as well as the horizon, then I watercolored the whole thing. Then I added the waves and seagulls with a Zig pen. I took some Liquid Appliqué and went over the waves and the shoreline for the whole "crashing waves" effect. So one day to let that dry and then I puffed it with my heat gun. Then I added the Crystal Effects to the crab. I LOVE this look, it really adds a lot to the card. One more day for that to dry. Then I stamped and watercolored the "extras" (the starfish, shells, gifts) and added some stickles to them for some sparkle. Then after all that was dry and carefully cut out, I assembled the whole thing. Between my hip and all the steps, it took 3 whole days to make this card LOL.

The next card was heavily inspired by Kyla at Sweetwater Designs I just love her work! I stamped the crab and then watercolored him with Pumpkin Pie. Then I stamped him again on a scrap piece of paper and watercolored him with Apricot Appeal, then I cut out the claws and head. I popped them up on pop dots. I was trying to make the side panel look kinda like Mother of Pearl, of course I didn't find the MOP tutorial until AFTER I made this, but I was close :)

I did the polished stone technique without the metallic ink and then I stippled some Lumière that was mixed with a bit of turquoise Pearl Ex over it to give it that shimmer. It's a neat look even if it wasn't exactly what I was going for :)

This is one idea for the Shoebox swap card. I think I'd have the side panels premade and then let everyone do the stamping and coloring.

Just checking in!

Well I am able to sit a bit more comfortably now :) I have my next Dr.'s appointment on the 28th. Hopefully I'll get some good news and I'll be able to pitch this brace!!! I'll be ok if he says he wants me to use the crutches and/or walker for a little while longer, but this brace has GOT TO GO! It's so uncomfortable!

I'm expecting a HUGE SU order tomorrow **BIG GRIN** and I hope to be able to finally try out the ideas I have for my card for the Shoebox swap in STL next month! I have 2 ideas, but I'm not sure which one will be better and more easily "do-able" in the time allowed. We're only allowed 10 minutes for each card, so that's the hard part. At least all the parts will already be cut and scored and the 10 minutes is just for stamping and assembling.

I'll post my ideas here and you guys can let me know which ones you like! (Danita, no peeking!! ;) )

Here's what's coming tomorrow :D

Stampin' Around Garden Annuals
Flower Filled
Flannel Plaid
Crab & Company
Bundle of Joy
Petals & Paisley 12 x 12 Designer paper
Background Sampler

+ 4 packs of CS, 2 reinkers and 5 ink pads!!!

Woo Hoo! new rubbah!!! I can't wait! Hopefully the UPS guy gets here early! (And yes, he will bring it in the house for me :D He's a nice guy!)

It's good to have friends!

Let me just start by saying thank you for all your wonderful cards and well wishes! I really do appreciate them all!

I need to tell you this story ...

My DH does some computer work for a non-profit organization The Geek Group and the founder and he have become very good friends over the past few years. Well Duck (the Geek Group founder) and I were talking a few months ago and he said to me, "If there is anything I can do for you or your family, let me know!" Well EVERYONE says that, so I didn't think too much of it at the time, but he was dead serious! After I had my surgery and I realized hat I couldn't sit at my computer chair comfortably anymore I IM'd Duck with a request. I really wasn't expecting anything, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask, so I asked him if he had a laptop that was donated that they weren't using that I could borrow/have. Like I said, I thought it was a long shot, but why not, right? Well I got an IM from Duck yesterday telling me to watch my mail and to have fun with my new toy! Not 15 minutes later UPS showed up with a package! Inside was ...

a laptop! I couldn't believe it! Duck had sent me his personal laptop to use while I'm recovering and to keep if I want to keep it! He said he wasn't really using it and he knew I would really appreciate it!

So I'm writing this post from my "new" laptop, from the comfort of my couch! It's good to have friends!

I stamped something!

Woo Hoo! I finally felt strong enough to stamp something! I had to stand the whole time, but I got it done and posted too! I am going stir crazy not being able to play with my stamps daily.

This was for the Featured Stamper challenge on SCS. I LOVE Kelly's work! I CASE it often (or at least get totally inspired by it!)

I did change quite a bit from hers, but I really think you can see the original inspiration. I just bought this Crate paper before I went into the hospital and didn't get a chance to use it, but it was PERFECT for this card! I LOVE the idea of the "chocolate" dipped cherries, but I don't have anything to "dip". LOL So I went a totally different direction and used the flower from Happy Harmony. I can't believe how perfectly Ruby Red matches the Crate paper! Since I used a more muted color for the red, I needed a more muted green, so Mellow Moss it was! I really love this color combo! Hmmm I wonder if it's on my color combo site....Nope, but it is now ;) I changed the ribbon, because I thought my card needed a bit more moss, and I omitted the circular embellishment because it didn't fit LOL. The other things I changed are the stitches, I used a cross-stitch instead of the V, and I used different stamps from All in a Row. I really like how this card turned out! Thanks Kelly for your awesome inspiration!
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