Bundle of Baby

For today's Limited Supply Challenge. LSC108

Make a gender neutral baby card :) Well that worked out perfectly :) I just watercolored this little guy last night before I went to bed. Either I'm psychic... or I just really wanted to use my new stamp set, you decide ;)

I tried to make the "ground" look like a blanket. At first I stamped it with Flannel Plaid, but since it's on watercolor paper the plaid just didn't take because of the texture, so I played with the watercoloring until I had it pretty close. I'm going to have to try the Flannel Plaid idea on WW sometime, I think it will be neat.

To be honest with you, I HATED Fontastic when I first saw it in the catty. I just couldn't see the what I'd use it for, but then SCS struck again and all those talented artists showed me just how wrong I had been! It's a great background for kid and baby cards!

The little ribbon detail was kinda fun to make. It's just 2 pieces of ribbon, each folded and then stacked on each other, then I poked a little MM saftey pin thru the layers and a cute little embellishment is born!

To finish off the card I took a page out of PineFeather's book and used the craft white to DTP the edges. It softens the card perfectly, just right for a new little baby!


Juanita said...

He is adorable and your work is awesome! TFS

Linda McClain said...

What a beautiful card. You did such a great job. Linda

Trish D said...

Love the little safety pin detail. Absolutely perfect for a baby card!!

Colleen said...

glad to see you are back...I adore the cards you made both today and yesterday! Your watercoloring is amazing.

Heidi said...

Love how you have the safety pin on the ribbon like that! Your watercoloring is great too! And you're right about the Fontastic bg! Looks awesome!

Joan said...

This is adorable. I hope you are feeling better. Great job on this. So soft.

Kristine said...

LOVE this card...and love that cute little teddy! Your coloring is awesome :0)

KellyS said...

This is so adorable! I love this set!!!!

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