It's good to have friends!

Let me just start by saying thank you for all your wonderful cards and well wishes! I really do appreciate them all!

I need to tell you this story ...

My DH does some computer work for a non-profit organization The Geek Group and the founder and he have become very good friends over the past few years. Well Duck (the Geek Group founder) and I were talking a few months ago and he said to me, "If there is anything I can do for you or your family, let me know!" Well EVERYONE says that, so I didn't think too much of it at the time, but he was dead serious! After I had my surgery and I realized hat I couldn't sit at my computer chair comfortably anymore I IM'd Duck with a request. I really wasn't expecting anything, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask, so I asked him if he had a laptop that was donated that they weren't using that I could borrow/have. Like I said, I thought it was a long shot, but why not, right? Well I got an IM from Duck yesterday telling me to watch my mail and to have fun with my new toy! Not 15 minutes later UPS showed up with a package! Inside was ...

a laptop! I couldn't believe it! Duck had sent me his personal laptop to use while I'm recovering and to keep if I want to keep it! He said he wasn't really using it and he knew I would really appreciate it!

So I'm writing this post from my "new" laptop, from the comfort of my couch! It's good to have friends!


Juanita said...

It's great to hear from you, I missed you. I knew you were probably doing a lot of hard PT and it would be a while.
FANTASTIC! I think it is so wonderful when people really mean what they say. It's also nice to have a real problem solved too.
I'm VERY happy for you.

Hugs and get well wishes,


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is awesome! Duck sounds like a great person. Tell him all your online friends appreciate it. ;)

You'll have to make him a really nice thank you card. LOL

Sara (sassy)

Jan Scholl said...

There are lots of places to donate or request things like this. When I got a new laptop a few years ago, I donated my old one to a local group telling them it wasnt the computer to be doing serious photo editing on but it would be great for email, writing the great American novel maybe or keeping some diary etc. I thought a women in a shelter for doing her resume etc or all sorts of things. I then gave the group two printers. I know there is a lot of life left in some of these electronic things and I did not want them in the landfills! Now I have another laptop for them, but this one is actually more higher ended. It runs XP and had Office on it. I just got a new laptop with VIsta and I think it could power me to a moon visit ;) If we didnt need it for the job, I would have kept the old one-but I dont like stuff just sitting here being useless. Anyways, if anyone needs something and they qualify, see if you have a similar group in your area. OUrs is Called the Resource Center and its non-profit. They funnel clothing, money, food, job opportunites,-they even took my phone calling cards when I gave up my home phone for helping runaways keep in touch with family. They are amazing people and I know other major cities have similar groups. Hey Sybil-I am talking about you!!

Inky Doo-you get better. Its sunshiny here in Michigan, supposed to be 50 next week and the ice is gonna be gone from my driveway so I can get out more often.since my car accident havent wanted to go much of anywhere but I am feeling fiesty today. NO MORE SNOW OR ICE!

Danita said...

Awwww, Laura! That's soooo cool! Makes me tear up a little cuz it's such a wonderful thing to do! It's amazing how our true friends show themselves in our times of trouble, huh!?
It's good to hear from ya - I've been thinking about you and hoping to meet you in St. Louis next month!!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Glad to hear you can now communicate again, comfortably, from your couch. That fellow sure sounds like a good friend.

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