2 more hair-dos

I promise I will stamp again (eventually). I'm just having fun playing with K's hair. Here are two more hairstyles we've done recently. She's getting a bit better at sitting still. So that helps, but I still need a lot of practice LOL.

The first one is really cute and fairly simple to do. I made 4 ponies across the top, then split the middle 2 and made another row of 3 ponies, did the same again and made 2, and then 1. The bow is my 2nd ever homemade bow. I think it turned out pretty cute.

While I like bows in little girls hair, I do NOT like them to be as big as their heads! I think that looks silly. I know in the bow community, the bigger the better is usually they way of things, but again I must go against the grain ;)

The next one we did today. It starts with 6 ponies, 3 on each side. Then you make a twist out of the top and bottom one on one side. Take those 2 twists and secure them to the center pony on the other side. Repeat with the second side.

It sounds a lot harder than it is. I think this took us 15 minutes to do today. The hardest part is getting the 6 ponies straight and getting all the hair into them while dealing with a wiggly kid! LOL

So far I've been doing her hair at the kitchen table while she eats. Having her eat works out well, but the the chair with a back isn't helping me be able to maneuver around her. I need a stool! LOL I think that's one thing I will try to find this Spring when garage sale season hits!

Another new "do"

Playing with K's hair is fun! Ok not so much when I hear "Ouch Mom, that hurts!" "Stop pulling so hard!" "Are you almost done yet???" LOL But everytime we're done, she goes running to the bathroom mirror, grabs the hand held mirror and Oooos and Ahhhhs over her hair for the longest time! LOL It's so funny.

So here's what we did today. At first I tried an inside-out braid (yanno like cornrows) but I need more practice (and a more willing subject ;) ). Anyway I went with a normal french braid just down the side and then pulled it back into the pony. She got the streamer pony holder for X-Mas so we had to use it! I also curled her hair before I started. It's normally stick straight, so this gave it a bit more "fluff".

I think the whole thing is just adorable!

Trying something new!

As I find myself with some extra time on my hands (losing ones job has that effect :( ) I've been playing around with different hairstyles for K. I found this one at The Story of a Princess and her Hair. At first glance it looks VERY complicated, but it's really just a bunch of braids that are woven to form the "net". It's SO cute! K just loves it!

Here's another shot but from the front. This took about 20 minutes to do. I worked on it while she ate her lunch! That seems to be the best solution we've found. Eating keeps her occupied while I work on her hair. I also get fewer "ouch"es that way too ;)

You can do this same style with twists or just with sections. We'll have to try some other variations.
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