2 more hair-dos

I promise I will stamp again (eventually). I'm just having fun playing with K's hair. Here are two more hairstyles we've done recently. She's getting a bit better at sitting still. So that helps, but I still need a lot of practice LOL.

The first one is really cute and fairly simple to do. I made 4 ponies across the top, then split the middle 2 and made another row of 3 ponies, did the same again and made 2, and then 1. The bow is my 2nd ever homemade bow. I think it turned out pretty cute.

While I like bows in little girls hair, I do NOT like them to be as big as their heads! I think that looks silly. I know in the bow community, the bigger the better is usually they way of things, but again I must go against the grain ;)

The next one we did today. It starts with 6 ponies, 3 on each side. Then you make a twist out of the top and bottom one on one side. Take those 2 twists and secure them to the center pony on the other side. Repeat with the second side.

It sounds a lot harder than it is. I think this took us 15 minutes to do today. The hardest part is getting the 6 ponies straight and getting all the hair into them while dealing with a wiggly kid! LOL

So far I've been doing her hair at the kitchen table while she eats. Having her eat works out well, but the the chair with a back isn't helping me be able to maneuver around her. I need a stool! LOL I think that's one thing I will try to find this Spring when garage sale season hits!


Danita said...

Too much fun!! Yes, I adore your stamping (duh), but seeing K is soooo cool! :)

Sära said...

All the styles are so adorable! I'm sure it helps that your daughter is adoreable too! I can't wait for my little girl's hair to be long enough to try these out.

Rosella said...

She looks adorable and so sweet! I used to make the elastic band one with my 2 girls when they were younger. Love the braids. Have never seen this before!! Have fun with her hair while you can!!

Nadine said...

Laura, OMG! K is just beautiful!!! I love what you're doing to her hair; it looks like so much fun!!! Miss ya hun!!

Karen said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun!! Your daughter is adorable and I just love the delicacy of the first one, with your handmade bow! :>

PH in VA said...

I love what you've been doing with K's hair! I don't get to do fun stuff like that with my boys.

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