Disney LO's

I've been scrapbooking again! It feels good to get some more LO's done. These are more pics from our trip to Disney World last January. I have been reluctant to scrap these pics because I want the album to be "perfect". So anyway, I went on a search for Disney LO's and I found a scrapper on 2 Peas that is just fantastic! She does the most amazing Disney LO's that aren't overly "Disneyfied". So I've been CASEing some of her LO's and I LOVE the results. Of course I change things around to fit my pics and my style a bit, but the main inspiration is from her LO's.

Here's K enjoying a very rushed visit to Minnie's house. There was SO much to see and we were trying to get in line to see Mickey so we didn't have much time.

The next 2 are from our dinner at the Crystal Palace. Considering how fast we made the plans to go to Disney, we were lucky to get the reservations we did. K loved seeing all the Winnie the Pooh characters wandering around. There are more pics from the Crystal Palace, so stay tuned :) !

And then there's my favorite LO of the group. This is my Dad being, well, himself! He put on K's Mickey ears to try to get K to laugh. She thought it was very funny to see Grandpa wearing a kids hat!

And don't forget, there's at least 1 hidden Mickey on every LO! Can you find them?


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