K's First Scrapbook Page

My daughter decided that she wanted to try her hand at scrapbooking, so I let her :) LOL Here is her very 1st page. She chose the papers and the embellishments. Plus I "made" her write some jouraling *hehehe* I know she'd love to have feedback on her page!

If you can't read her writing, it says... Dreams do come true at DISNEY

Oh and she's 5 3/4! LOL I think she did a great job for her first try. of course now I'm going to have to create a scrapbook area just for her and the supplies I KNOW she's going to start collecting! LOL

And for you seasoned scrapbookers out there... notice she even followed the rule of 3! All her Blue items are in a triangle too. That was all her idea. I guess she was born to this huh?


Anonymous said...

Your daughter did a GREAT job. She is a better scrapbooker than I am .. a natural at it. What fun to spend time together doing crafts. Abou those "rules" of scrapbooking..I must be in the dark on that..can you show me the way? I think it might help me out a bit. Tammy (

Laura said...

Well of course they are unwritten "rules" but in design if you have 3 elements in a triangle, the eye will follow the lines they form. K's blue writing, the blue flower in the corner and the blue in the title help the eye move around the page.

Danita said...

Looks like K is a natural!! What a GREAT page! Kudos to you, K!!

Stamp4hobby said...

I love this layout. It is very pretty. :)

tammy said...

Beautiful page K. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip to Disneyworld!

Helen said...

That's a beautiful page - the sign of a true artist is knowing when to stop... something children don't usually learn until much, much later. And you can tell her from me that her handwriting is WAY better than my 8yo's!

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