Cracked Glass Lovely

A group of my friends and I have started challenging each other on the weekends. Last week was to use the Basic Gray Blush 6x6 pad and a certain sketch. This week is to make a card with the cracked glass technique.

Ok, I'll admit it, this is NOT one of my favorite techniques. I do like the results, but it's so finicky to get good results. I usually have to go back and add a couple extra layers of UTEE because inevitably the cracked part will crack too much and piece will fall off. I actually received a card in the mail once with pieces of UTEE floating around in the envelope, so ever since I've been pretty careful when I make a cracked glass card. I would really hate for someone to get one of my cards that was falling apart!

Ok so to the card...

It's pretty simple. I stamped the flower in Basic Gray (Thanks Danita!) and watercolored it with Blush Blossom, Groovy Guava, Certainly Celery, and Wild Wasabi. Than I sponged on some Basic Gray, using a sponge that was kinda of damp. It changes the way the ink plays when the sponge is wet.

Then I started the cracked glass bit. About 4 layers of UTEE and a 20 minute rest in the freezer and I cracked it, and of course a piece fell off :( GRRRRR Well it wasn't too bad I couldn't do my next step and fix it later, so I rubbed some Sahara Sand over the cracks to accentuate them. Then I did another layer of EP (I used regular clear and not UTEE for this layer). It rested again for a couple minutes then I cracked it again. This time was better.

I made the card to open at the top, and there's a little bit that doesn't open. (I can't remember what that's called). I masked off that top strip and stamped Paisley in Soft Sky. Used my Threading Waters punch to punch the white strip for the top. Some silver embellies set it off.

Oh yea I almost forgot! I MUST enable you! LOL I bought the Tim Holtz Design ruler last week and have only had a couple of chances to play with it, but OMG it ROCKS! I LOVE the Mat Pack by SU, but was always disappointed that it wasn't even as long as the short side of a card. That part of it was just poorly designed. The Tim Holtz ruler has holes for piercing every 1/8 inch and it's a full 12" long! I LOVE that! It's also a centering ruler and it has a metal edge so you can use a craft knife without worrying about cutting into the plastic ruler! This thing is AWESOME!

I'm single again!

So my divorce was official as of 9:30 this morning. I am officially a single Mom. It's been a crazy last year, but I'm glad it's all over.

I'll be moving at the end of the month and I can't wait! PA here I come!
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