I'm single again!

So my divorce was official as of 9:30 this morning. I am officially a single Mom. It's been a crazy last year, but I'm glad it's all over.

I'll be moving at the end of the month and I can't wait! PA here I come!


Tina said...

Change can be uncomfortable for us all at best. However, His mercies are new every morning so just know that there are people out here praying for you and your dd as you embark on this new phase of life! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

good luck to you and your daughter on your move back to PA. You will both get settled quickly and she will make many friends once school starts.
I love seeing the scrapbook layouts you post!
SCS belledancr

Danita said...

W00T to the infinite power!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you Laura. Good luck on your move

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