Another new "do"

Playing with K's hair is fun! Ok not so much when I hear "Ouch Mom, that hurts!" "Stop pulling so hard!" "Are you almost done yet???" LOL But everytime we're done, she goes running to the bathroom mirror, grabs the hand held mirror and Oooos and Ahhhhs over her hair for the longest time! LOL It's so funny.

So here's what we did today. At first I tried an inside-out braid (yanno like cornrows) but I need more practice (and a more willing subject ;) ). Anyway I went with a normal french braid just down the side and then pulled it back into the pony. She got the streamer pony holder for X-Mas so we had to use it! I also curled her hair before I started. It's normally stick straight, so this gave it a bit more "fluff".

I think the whole thing is just adorable!


Kristine B. said...

Super cute! I've tried that one with my 9 yr. old daughter. She loves it, but it does take patience! :) Your dd is adorable!!

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