Just checking in!

Well I am able to sit a bit more comfortably now :) I have my next Dr.'s appointment on the 28th. Hopefully I'll get some good news and I'll be able to pitch this brace!!! I'll be ok if he says he wants me to use the crutches and/or walker for a little while longer, but this brace has GOT TO GO! It's so uncomfortable!

I'm expecting a HUGE SU order tomorrow **BIG GRIN** and I hope to be able to finally try out the ideas I have for my card for the Shoebox swap in STL next month! I have 2 ideas, but I'm not sure which one will be better and more easily "do-able" in the time allowed. We're only allowed 10 minutes for each card, so that's the hard part. At least all the parts will already be cut and scored and the 10 minutes is just for stamping and assembling.

I'll post my ideas here and you guys can let me know which ones you like! (Danita, no peeking!! ;) )

Here's what's coming tomorrow :D

Stampin' Around Garden Annuals
Flower Filled
Flannel Plaid
Crab & Company
Bundle of Joy
Petals & Paisley 12 x 12 Designer paper
Background Sampler

+ 4 packs of CS, 2 reinkers and 5 ink pads!!!

Woo Hoo! new rubbah!!! I can't wait! Hopefully the UPS guy gets here early! (And yes, he will bring it in the house for me :D He's a nice guy!)


Juanita said...

It's good to hear from you Laura. I know that you are going through a very IMPOSSIBLE time right now with that brace! I feel for you girl. Thank goodness it's not summer - I'm just imagining what that thing must be like with the heat added to it and I just can't.

I guess you've received your "goodies" already, so I'm really happy for you. Getting product is like Christmas for us so called "grown-ups, LOL.

Have a wonderful (as possible) weekend and happy stamping, sending you lot's of comforting thoughts.

Danita said...

Eep! Busted out in public! Okay, I'll be good and not peek! :)
So glad to hear from ya and that you're doing well!! I'm really looking forward to meeting you!!

waymofrm said...

Just checking in on you!!! I hope you are improving each day. That's all I wanted to say other than anxious for some more of your good work. Mo

Joyce T said...

Yea for new toys! Can't wait to see your creations. Hope your news is great on the 28th!

Dawn Griffith said...

Hey girlie Just found your blog YAHOO I read your past post about your hip surgery ? I have my another knee replacement surgery appointment for May 10th my self .. I had my right knee done over a year ago and well like you its well over due been limping and in so much pain its time .. My knee replacements are due to me having R.A
( Rumitoid arthitis ) Hope your healing up well and Love the leg brace .. I dont get a brace I get those lovely white super tight stockings to wear to help fight blood clots Hang in there girlie you will be up and running in no time .. I am so ready for my new knee it isnt funny :-)
Thanks for sharing your story you gave me a real boost about my upcoming surgery girlie

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