Ginormous THANK YOU!

OMG I got the bestest mail yesterday! Not only did I get a bunch WRAK's, I got a HUGE envelope from texasjodylynn! I knew she was sending something, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect this!

There is SO much ribbon there! I'm going to have to make more room for it on my ribbon holder LOL. And isn't that the cutest card! I saw it when she first made them, but IRL it is SO cute! I'm going to have to make these next year for Christmas!

Speaking of my ribbon storage, I think I'll show you! I got the idea from a CK article, but she had the ribbons loose in the CD cases. I loved the basic idea, but did my own thing to make it suit my needs.

I cut some chipboard to 4" x 4" squares and wrapped the ribbon around those, then I secured the ends with a straight pin. The little holes don't bother me, since I can usually hide them when using the ribbons. Then into CD cases with the black inserts removed. The CD cases are really nice cuz it keeps the dust off and keeps the ribbon all in one place! Works for me!


Tammy B said...

wow, that's cool! thanks for the inspiration!

tamimoreno said...

OOh. I LOVE this idea :-) I think I've changed my ribbon storage AT LEAST 3 times now - keep finding better ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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