Orchid Wheely

OK today's Technique Lover's Challenge was "What was I Thinking???" We were challenged to use things we bought and thought we had to have, and now NEVER use! As a bonus we were to use staples on our card.

I bought The Wheel Thing after I saw some really cute samples. I still like the shopping cart, especially when you pair it with the gifts from Cool Cat, but that's a whole 'nother post! Now that I have The Wheel Thing, I hardly ever use it! Especially the scooter stamp. So that's the set I chose. I also have a terrible mind block when it comes to Orchid Opulence! BLECH!!! I really, really dislike this color! SO I used it too! LOL Now for the rest of the supplies, I do like them! I just happen to have this ribbon that had Orchid lines running thru it, and it the edges are a PERFECT match to Cool Caribbean! So there was my second color!

Like I said I do like all the things I used on the card, the scallop punch, my Sakura Glitter pen, all the other stamps (Linen, Linograph, & Warm Words), the Starlight Silver ink and of course the rhinestones! And believe it or not, I actually like the finished card. Who knew?


Allison said...

Super cute.

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy) said...

Gorgeous, dahlin'... =)

Joyce T said...

Those little gems on the scooter wheels are deevine! ;-)

Jan said...

That is a really cute card!!! I have trouble with that orchid, too...but you made it look like a must-have!!

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