Masking Tutorial

Well I got SO many comments on my VSN pre-challenge card about my masking, I thought I'd do a tutorial about it!

Masking is a great technique for creating scenes on your cards. The basic idea is to stamp the front images first and then move your way backwards, by masking off the front images. It doesn't take a lot of time, but you do have to be careful when creating your mask.

Here's what you need: Stamp-a-ma-jig (Lego-ma-jig in my case ;) ),imaging sheet, stamps, post it notes, micro-tip scissors, ink and paper.

First stamp your images on the post it notes, making sure you stamp them over the sticky edge.

Cut out your masks, being careful to cut right on the line or even slightly inside it. This is THE most important step to successful masking. If you cut out the image and leave a space outside of the line, you will have a "halo" around your image.

(Note: I only had to make sure the top of the cow was cut out, because that was the only part that needed to be covered.)

Now stamp your images on the imaging sheets.

Start stamping the images you want in the very front of the focal piece. I used the Lego-ma-jig to help me get them straight.

Once you have the whole front row finished then put the masks in place.

Using your stamp-a-ma-jig line up the first image in your second row (or the next one back in your picture).

I only made 3 masks of the cow, so I needed to move them as I worked my way across.

Once you have all you images in place, remove your masks. Some people save them by putting them on top of the sticker on the back of the wood block. Personally I don't think it takes too long to cut them out, so I don't save mine.

Color your image!

Finish your card! I made another version of my pre-VSN card. I think the "waldo" is a little trickier to find in this one than the last one, but it's still very easy to find!

*** I got a question about my imaging sheet, so I thought I'd answer it here :) I am the Queen of "if something works that's cheaper than the "normal" item, use that instead" Hence the Lego-ma-jig. The imaging sheet is actually the plastic backing that came with a set of Rusty Pickle alphabet stamps I bought (on clearance of course *wink*). It's big enough for almost all my stamps, so I saw no need to buy a "real" imaging sheet. LOL ***


Marie said...

I just love this card! The first one was great, but this one is even better 'cause that little piggy sure does blend in!!! I know how to mask, but your tutorial is GREAT and I'm sure it will help a lot of people learn how to do it. I sure laughed at your lego-ma-jig!! :) TFS

Anonymous said...

LOVE the lego-ma-jig! fabulous idea! i commented on the SCS site on this card, love the little *cow* in the back LOL.. great!
thanks so much for the tutorial, i was doing the reverse and gave up because of the "halo's", now i see what was wrong. THANKS!
(love this blog)

Anonymous said...

Your tutorial put a big smile on my face this morning! What a fab idea to use legos! Thanks for the reminder to cut INSIDE the lines - it really does make a huge difference.

Thanks for the adorable card and tutorial!

'jessjean' on SCS

Anonymous said...

Boy you sure know how to think outside the box. Who woulda guessed a lego-ma-jig! I noticed your imaging sheet was smaller than SU sheet. What is your secret on that??

Thanks for sharing all your how to's!!

~pl said...

This is a great tutorial! You are very clever and always thinking outside the box ;)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I've already CASE'd your card (it's on my blog) and I have to say I find cutting out the images so time consuming, but it didn't occure to me to not cut the bottom. Good tip!

AnneMarie said...


you are so clever!

Nicole Seitler said...

Oh! So very cute! Great tutorial, too. :)

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

Laura... I LOVE your lego-ma-jig, your so creative and your animal card is just too cute ;)

Unknown said...

I love this card and I looooooove the Lego-ma-jig! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for sharing.

scrappinmomof3 said...

I Love the legomajig looks like the stampamajig just went down on my wishlist. just have to convince my ds to give up some legos:)

Leni said...


Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous card. I love all those cows on pink and black!

Erin said...

Ok, you are simply too clever for words. I am so happy I found your blog. LOVE this card, love the legomagig, although I already have the normal stampama one. and LOVE the cow colored pig.

Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

{squeeeeeeeeal!!!} I LOVE this card!! and a lego-ma-jig!!! YOU ROCK!!!! :D

can't wait to build myself a lego-ma-jig :D

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