Loads of Love

So this is what happen when my mojo comes back LOL!

I sat down to make a card and I knew I wanted to use Wild About You, so I grabbed that set and then I started looking thru my other sets for hearts, well guess which set happen to be on top? Yup! Loads of Love, so as soon as I opened the box, I saw the pile of hearts and I started to laugh! What a way to come back! With a sick, twisted poop related card! LOL Oh my!

I was laughing so hard while I was making the focal image, my DH just HAD to come over to see what I was doing! Poor elephant, he looks so embarrassed.

I colored the "pile" with prismacolors and blended them with odorless mineral spirits. The original stamp size was too big, so I had to make the "pile" a bit smaller. I only inked up the portion I wanted to use and stamped that. The ground is the A*Muse small oval! I am SO glad I bought this stamp! It makes a perfect "ground" for focal images like this one. The Caribbean layer is stamped in white with Linograph, (I LOVE this background for whimsical cards!)and then I found these self adhesive rhinestones in my stash and I thought they'd be the perfect touch! I'm still laughing! I can't believe I made this card LOL!!!


Nancy said...


Danita said...

DH says 'eeewwww' but I say Bahahaha!!!! Love this!!

Imagine That Digistamp said...

:0) This is too cute to be gross!! LOVE IT! You're so funny :0)

Michelle W. said...

This card is cracking me up! I have that elephant on the way to my house so I'll CASE this one. Too funny!

Kim Ross said...

This is totally cute & 100% original! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

This card is an absolute hoot!

Anonymous said...

And you were worried about your MOJO!?! :) you're a RIOT!!

Kyla said...

This is so funny.... and so "stinkin" cute! Absolutely love it!

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