Same but Different!

Disneywed wanted to see our CASE's that were the same but different. SO here's one I did today.

I LOVE taylorexpressions baby card but I didn't have a charm. (And I needed it for a boy ;) ) SO here's my version.

I just love I'm Here! I was able to get it for a really good price, but I think I found out why LOL! Every time I tried to stamp with this hand the image wouldn't come out right. The right side of the hand and the left side on the thumb wouldn't stamp unless I kinda rolled the stamp around as I stamped it. Well I don't like having to fuss like that when I stamp, so I took the stamp apart and fixed it!

First off the right and left hands (and feet) were mounted on the opposite wood blocks, so that was an easy fix! Just 10 seconds in the microwave, and I peeled the rubber and foam right off and switched them. No big deal! I did that as soon as I got the stamps. Then I noticed it stamped funny. I checked the rubber and it is perfectly fine, so it had to be the foam. This is why I always keep both EZ Mount foam as well as regular mounting foam on hand! It's SO cheap, but can really save the day! I bought mine from Cornish Heritage Farms.

Now my stamp is good as new! I'll have to check the others, but I have more foam if I need to fix them too!

Ok back to my same but different card!

Horrors upon Horrors, I can't find my SIGNO White gel pen!!!! It's just gone! WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So I couldn't do the stitching up the side or the dots around the scalloped circle. But I think it looks ok without them. I do love the rhinestones under the sentiment. They come in rows all attached, so when you need a few in a straight line, you just peel them off and stick them down. When you want one, you can just trim one away and use it! So versatile! Houndstooth is my very favorite background for baby cards!!! It looks just like a soft baby blanket!


Anonymous said...

I hope you find your Signo pen. That little jewel is a must have item.
Thanks for the tips about fixing stamps.

Anonymous said...

I love this card! Hope you find your pen. I caught my husband with mine the other day and just about died. I told him that wasn't a regular pen for his crossword puzzles. I don't think he even look or he would've noticed it wasn't just a pen. :)

I enjoy your blog.


Taylor said...

What an adorable card! I love how you changed it up to be boy colors! And you can't find your white gel pen!?!? THAT IS BAD! Hope it turns up soon!

Anonymous said...

I love this card (even without any pen extras!). Hope you find the pen soon though.

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