Back to School (again)

Today I go back to school (again). This fall I went back to college. It's been 16 years since I set foot in a classroom for the purpose of learning. I needed a change, I needed something more for my life (and my daughter's life), I needed to better myself, so off to school I go.

I am going for Medical Assisting. So far I have had 4 classes, Medical Terminology, Keyboarding, Medical Office Practices and Intro to Computers. I got A's in all of them :) I guess going back with a purpose and with focus really does help.

This block I have: Supervision (whatever that is), English, Medical Billing, and ugh Math. The only one I'm worried about is Math. Although I already spoke with the teacher and he said he doesn't teach any of that "New Math". So that's a good thing.


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