Chai has grown up!

So if you scroll down a couple of posts you'll see our tiny little kitten Chai. Well she's not so tiny anymore. She's about 8 months old now and I'm sure she's not done growing. LOL

She loves to carry things around. Unfortunately she really likes thin plastic wrapped objects. Especially certain feminine hygiene products (unused) but still. She also cannot figure out why the kitten that looks out of the drain cover in the tub won't come out and play with her. She will sit at stare at her reflection forever! LOL It's been so long since I had a kitten in the house that I almost forgot how fun (and frustrating) they can be. Last night she got up onto the shelving behind the toilet and knocked a bunch of stuff down. No biggie right? Well kinda, it was 3 AM!

And after a few months of protesting, Maki has finally taken to her. She treats Chai like she was her own kitten.

Here are a few of my favorite pics of her.


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