Last Day for Ribbon

Ok ladies, today's the last to sign up.

Ribbon Share!

If you want to get in on this share, you must e-mail me today (6/08/07)! I will close this share tonight and I will post the totals as well as well as e-mail them. The sooner everyone pays the sooner I can get the ribbon on it's way! I know everyone's excited as I am! Who else can't wait for their pretty ribbon?? I know I can't!!!


Skittl1321 said...

I'm so excited! Did you get enough people to fill each color?

Danita said...

I paid! I paid!! :)
Thanks again for coordinating this!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like one of each color but can't reach you via email can you send one to me

Debby said...

Hi Laura;

Thanks!! I sent you an email!!

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