Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon!!!!

Who wants some ribbon???? ME, ME, ME!

Here are the colors I can get:

Soft Subtles
Pale Plum (close)
Pretty in Pink
Barely Banana
Certainly Celery
Bashful Blue
Almost Amethyst (close)

Bold Brights

Glorious Green (close)
Green Galore
Gable Green
YoYo Yellow
Only Orange
Real Red
Pink Passion
Orchid Opulence(close)
Lovely Lilac
Brilliant Blue
Tempting Turquoise

Earth Elements

Chocolate Chip
Creamy Caramel
More Mustard
Really Rust
Ruby Red (close)
Cameo Coral
Summer Sun (close)

Rich Regals

Ballet Blue
Night of Navy
Taken with Teal
Handsome Hunter
So Saffron
Regal Rose
Bravo Burgundy (close)


Very Vanilla (close)
Going Gray

In Colors 2007
Buckaroo Blue
(NOTE: the ribbons are NOT SU ribbons, but match the colors very well!)

If it says (close) next to the color, it's because the ribbon doesn't match perfectly, but it's VERY close! I checked them under my OTT light :) I'm really picky about color matches and I'd use these colors!

These are all 1/4" grosgrain ribbons.

The cost is $1.05 for 5 yards. EDITED TO ADD: There has been some confusion about the amount of ribbon you can order. I'm selling the colors in 5 yard increments. So the smallest amount you can order is 5 yards of each color you'd like! PayPal only please, it's just easier for me. I can take Credit cards through my Paypal account! Shipping and a small Paypal fee will be added to your total once I know how many yards you'd like. Please e-mail with your choices (my e-mail is next to my name in the Copyright section to the right.) If you could put ribbon in the subject line, that would help a TON! Canadians welcome!

This is the first time I'm doing a ribbon share, so please bear with me :) I'll try to get it out as soon as I possibly can, but there might be delays that I cannot foresee.

Because this is my first share, I'll need to sell at least 30 - 35 yards per color in order to get the discounted price. If I don't get the 30 yards, I'll let you know before I order the ribbon. I don't see this being a problem, but I wanted to be upfront and honest with everyone :)

Once the share is filled, I will post the payment instructions, my paypal addy etc...


Bagpuss said...

I'm officially confused now! So basically can we buy as much or as little ribbon as we like? I'd definitely love some Cool Caribbean but will scour the list later to see if I "need" any more! Thanks!

Sandy (sandy stamps on SCS) said...

I sent you an e-mail with my order! This is great! Thanks!

bettybetty said...

I am so in! being a ribbon junkie and all, who has immense self control and have limited myself in the ribbon dept. So I guess I am a recovering ribbon addict because i only have a few shoe boxes full, blah, blah, blah i am rambling. I want ribbon. Is this from reallyreasonableribbon? How about the prices? Are they cheaper than our normally obtained ribbon company sell them? You know who I mean right.

bettybetty said...

Ok I am a GOON. I see the price now posted right there but am too tired to email you right NOW and figure out my savings. Do you ship to CANADA?
What a silly question. You must be saying, "who is this nut and why isn't she getting her much needed rest.Night

Jennifer Nellenback said...

I don't know where to find your e-mail addy so I would like to do the share. My e-mail is Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Capt said...

I'm also confused regarding the email address. I sent an order to but it said that is not a correct format. I very much want to participate and place an order so if I had some kind of verification either that my order was received or that there is another address I need to send it to, I'd appreciate that clarification. My email address is Thank you so much.

ronee said...

I can't email you..can you please email email address is OR if you'd like..the ribbon I would like to order is
Carribean 15 yards
Bashful blue 15 yards
Brillant blue
Going Gray
Taken with Teal
Buckaroo Blue

So let me know what I need to do from here

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