My Little Barbie doll!

Kendalyn just turned 4 years old, but she LOVES Barbie! She has most of the Barbie movies and is always asking to watch them! Usually it's Princess and the Pauper, but lately she's gotten into The Magic of the Rainbow. She just loves it! Anyway, she's always asking me to do her hair like the characters in the movies. Like I said, most of the time she wants to be Annaliese, but yesterday she wanted to be Alena and then today she said, "Do my hair like Sunburst!" Hmm ok Sunburst has 2 pigtails on the top of her head with 3 brads coming out and looping around. I can do that. LOL So here's Kendalyn with her Sunburst hairdo!

She's such a funny kid! I still can't believe she's 4 already! Where did the time go?


Juanita said...

Kendalyn is a very pretty little girl. You're even GREAT with hair!! You have gushing talent everywhere!

Juanita said...

PS: I LOVE your new banner!

Sara(sassy) said...

Awwww, look how cute she is! :)

Great job on the hair...thankfully, our Princess and the Pauper phase has come to and end...we had BOTH singing Barbies, too! LOL

joyce traub said...

Wow! I bet that took a long time. Kendalyn must have really wanted that hairdo to sit still so long. Kendalyn is a beauty.

Uber cool new banner. Did you do it?

Danita said...

Now this is just too cute! Of course, ya kind of have a great canvas to work with - Kendalyn is darling! I can't believe she stayed still long enough for you to do this! wow!! :)

Kathy said...

What a cute little girl! Great job on the hairdo--I'm not patient enough to do my dd's hair (daddy does it for her).

itchsix said...

She is a beautiful little girl. You are right, they do grow up so quickly. Just wait until she is 30.

You know you were holding hands while walking through the mall or playing on the floor together just yesterday or the day before!

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