Guess what I got???

RIBBON!!!! How's that for fast service! It was shipped YESTERDAY!

OMG I couldn't believe it when the UPS guy showed up. I had to think of what I had ordered... nothing from SU (yet), nothing from anyone else that comes UPS, so what on earth could it be??? OMG it's the ribbon!

Isn't it purdy???

(Ok I promise, I won't drool over your ribbon.)
(Much ;) )

Still waiting on a few payments. Check the list to make sure I got your payment or not. Please PayPal me as soon as you can! I have a friend coming over this weekend (Hi Danita ;) ) to help cut and sort the bundles. So hopefully we can keep our minds on the job and get it all finished and I can get most of the ribbon shipped out early next week! I am still waiting on a few back ordered colors, but they should be in by Wednesday or Thursday! I'll get those measured and cut as soon as I can!!!


Danita said...

Mmmmmm...drool, drool, drool!
Maybe I should wear one of those surgical masks so I don't drip on anyone's ribbon while I'm measuring and cutting!! :)

Sara said...


*I* wanna hang out with Danita!!!! Waaaahhhhh! ;)

But, how awesome is it you got the ribbon so freakin' fast???

KellyS said...

OMG look at that cool caribbean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I bet Danita is about ready to kick my butt) But it's so purdy! Have fun sorting!

Patti Capt said...

I can't wait to get mine! I agree - it sure is purdy! Thank you, Laura!

Danita said...

O. M. G. The ribbon is soooo gorgeous!! Only a few THOUSAND yards of it!!!!!! Mmmmmmm...riiiiibboooonnn....yummy!
You gals are gonna *love* it!!

ronee said...

I love ribbon! I hear it calling out to me...I want to live with you!
thanks for hosting this share!

ronee said...

Do you have ribbon that wasn't bought? My friend is asking what you had left? email me back..

I can't wait to get mine! YUPPPIE!

Jen del Muro(genie1314) said...


Skittl1321 said...

Hows the cutting coming? Do you need new scissors yet?

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