Ink - Marker - Refill Holder

Don't ya just love it?!? I got it for my birthday last year from my FIL and step MIL :D They are so awesome!!!!

It's from Storage Units Ink, I got the Wall Unit Plus and I LOVE it! I really like having the inks right in front of me while I'm working. I can see what I have at a glance.

I'm a little over halfway to owning all the Classic SU inks! Slowly I'm getting them all. I do have all the spots and I mean ALL the spots! I have all the Classic, all the Craft, AND I have spots for the In Colors last year as well as blank spots just waiting for my order to get here!!!!! I *should* have them by Friday or Saturday!

I really like the spots, they are affordable and very useful. This way, I get to play with all the colors. I don't have to substitute because I don't have the full size pad, and I can even ink up background stamps with them. Yes, it takes a while, but it can be done :) Usually I ink up my brayer using the spot and then ink the background with the brayer.

Now I'm trying to buy 1 ink pad and refill with each order until I have them all. Only 15 more full sets and then a bunch of re-inkers to go LOL.

Oh and in case you're wondering about the labels on the ink pads, I did those with the Word Window punch (Thanks Danita ;) ). The font is Arial 12 pt Bold (except Tempting Turquoise and Purely Pomegranate, which are 11.5 pt, they don't fit at 12 pt) After I printed them and punched them out, I ran them through my Xyron X. I really like them!


Melissa said...

Fabulous! Doesn't it just make you smile when you see it? When I got mine, I spent almost an entire day in my studio so that I could look at it whenever I wanted! :)

Taylor said...

I waaaaaant one!!!!

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