World Series Album

My DH's Grandmother finally got to live her dream last year! At 87 years old she not only got to go to the World Series, but the Cardinals won, both the game she was at AND the Series! She was the happiest person on earth that week!

DH's cousin took her and then she sent me some pictures of them having a blast at the game. As soon as I saw the pictures I just knew I had to make an album for her (Noni, DH's grandmother.)

Being the terrible procrastinator that I am, I put it off and put it off etc... Then I found out that Noni wasn't going to be spending Christmas with us, but in Chicago, so I put it off yet again. (I know really, really bad, but I wasn't inspired.)

Then today I saw the instructions for a flip album. Hmmm maybe I could make that work for the World Series Album. I only had a few pictures, but this album only takes a few pictures! I think I'm onto something! LOL

Here's the link to the instructions. Flip Album Instructions

SO for the next 3 hours I worked on the album non-stop! I was on a roll! (And I haven't scrapped in MONTHS!) I left a lot of blank space for Noni and Carrie to write in their thoughts/experiences etc... I thought it would make it that much more personal. So here it is! Noni's World Series Album!


Viv said...

Beautiful job, Laura! It will be treasured, I'm sure.

Gail Binette said...

What a wonderful way to remember this special day for Noni Laura. I'll bet she is going to flip over this. I had a very elderly late 90 something year old great aunt that did something fun also before she passed on. She went ski diving with her favorite nephew. These women simply put me to shame!

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, this is awesome! Proscrastination worked in Noni's favor, waiting for the right everything.

Anonymous said...

WOW, the album is beautiful! I'm sure your DH's grandmother will absolutely LOVE it. It doesn't look as if you've missed a beat in the scrapbooking arena. TFS

Danielle said...

I LOVE this!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top will you post the directions?!?! I have been putting off so many scrap albums for other people and this would get my butt in gear!! Keep up the great work! You have an awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

That is just fabulous. She's gonna be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

DUDE!! That album is awesome! Great job! :)

Sara (sassy)

Unknown said...

What a lovely gift for your grandmother!! She will love it and love you more!! She is blessed with grand-daughters like the two of you.

Anonymous said...

OH...great book...and how cute is grandma! What a great memory for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Love the album! What a great idea. and I am a huge Cardinals fan.

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