I Found it! I Found it!!!!

OK so this is just a silly little thing, but I finally found my Signo white gel pen! It's been missing for who knows how long. (Well actually I know exactly how long considering where I found it!) LAST VSN we were to make a pencil pouch, and I stuck the gel pen in the pouch when I took the picture. That was back on November 11th!!! It's been missing all this time! I'm just happy I found it!


Danita said...

Yippee!!! It must be the day for finding things. I just found the cord for my camera that allows me to download pics to the PC. Yay us! :) Feels good, don't it?!

Jan said...

OH, my. I hope all this finding stuff rubs off on me. I've lost my white gel pen and my cell phone charging cord! I might as well be living in the 80s!

Joyce T said...

Yaaa for you! It must be the moon sign! I found something last night that I have been looking for all week.

Now if I could just find that million dollars that I'm looking for. LOL

Juanita said...

Hip, hip horray! I know how happy you are because that is a long time to be missing something.

Mrs Adept said...

I agree.......Today must be the day to find things.

Today I found one of my favourite stamps ( a little grass one ) that I had put in with a SU set so that I wouldn't loose it, so it wouldn't get lost. LOL. I really wanted to stamp with it the other day but do you think I could remember what I'd done with it? Nope. LOL.

I'm just so happy I know where it is now.

Soozie4Him said...

Glad you found it, Laura! I finally broke down and bought a second hand-held rectangle punch because mine has been missing for months. I'm sure I'll find it now! Heehee!

Susan/Soozie4Him on SCS

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