I made a card! Woo Hoo!

SCS is having a Holiday Challenge Extravaganza 2008
and my friend Victoria is hostessing the first challenge, so I HAD to participate! Plus, just maybe, it'll get me back in the swing of things.

So here's my card.

This is attempt #2 for this design. The first one was ok, but the only snowflake I could find was from Season of Joy and I didn't want the circle of dots around the flake, so I tried to make a mask and stamp just the snowflake. (I was using In Colors, so I don't have markers, if SU would make markers for the In Colors, my life would be SO much easier ;) ) Anyway, I got a couple of unwanted marks on the card, so I stamped the Snowflakes from Merry and Bright over the whole side thinking that would help hide the boo boos. It did, but unfortunately the last time I used that stamp I either didn't clean it at all or at least not very well :( It got some pinkish flakes on my card, pretty, but not what I was going for. I did try to overlook that too and stamp the sentiment to finish the piece, but I just HAD to add one more thing. I wanted a flake on the tail of the sentiment, so I stamped one. But I didn't check my stamp and I got smudges on the piece. So with all that wrong just sitting there staring me in the face, I couldn't justify finishing the card. I am a perfectionist and I really don't like "Oopsies" on my cards. So I tried again with a different approach.

This one went smoother. I masked off the side with the sentiment, then I stamped the little snowflakes (making sure the stamp was GOOD and CLEAN this time). Then I marked the lines on the reverse side and scored them with my trimmer. I really wish I had a scorepal for this, but I don't so I used what I have. Then I saw my new Martha Stewart Snowflake punch sitting there and thought "OOOOOO Anna's done a TON of cool things with snowflakes lately, maybe you should try something like that!" Now of course I don't have the cool chunky glitter that Anna has, and I don't have any really cool rust snowflakes or half her talent, but I think it turned out quite nice.


Helen said...

It's lovely!

Creating Cupcakes said...

Love this card! Nice job.

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