Brunch with Santa

Today was Camp Adahi's Brunch with Santa. Kendalyn was SO excited to tell Santa exactly what she wanted. She had a mental list about 30 things long! I told her that Santa only had time to hear 2 or 3 things that she wanted. So in the end she decided to ask for 1. An Easy Bake Oven (Yea me! I know my daughter pretty well! She had NEVER said anything about this until last week. Guess what? It's been wrapped and hidden for 3 weeks! LOL) 2. Jewelry (This is a new one for today. I was told this morning that she wanted a small diamond. OMG, I guess she's going to be "THAT" kind of girl. LOL Hey at least she's getting one thing on her list.

As we were driving to the Brunch, we saw a sign at the Cumru Community Center announcing thier "Lunch with Santa". It was also today. Kendalyn read the sign and said, "Well I guess it's going to be Mrs. Claus there, because we are going to have bunch with the REAL Santa, right Mom?!" I had to try not to laugh. I love that she is still so innocent. I can only hope that it lasts.

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Lablady2007 said...

Oh how sweet ..hold those memories dear. i'm sure her list will get longer the closer it gets to Christmas. Ty for sharing.

Tanja said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie. Get that girl a little fake diamond from Walmart. She is precious!

Nadine said...

Laura! Miss you girl! K is just the cutest little thing. What a sweetie pie!

ladywolf5501 said...

Miss you and Kendalyn a lot. Glad things are working there for you. Please keep in touch.


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