Nathan's 1st Birthday card!

My friend's little boy is turning 1 this weekend and I needed a card. The stacked animals were inspired by many cards on SCS as well as the raised lion head and elephant's ear. What's all mine is the ribbon! There was a thread today about making Korker ribbon bows for little girls hair. So not knowing what those were I had to Google it! I found the instructions (I will be making those bows for Christmas gifts!) and I also thought, hmm those curls would be cool on a card. I would think it's best given person to person rather than sent thru the mail, but with enough padding the curls might survive the USPS. *wink*

Here's how I did it:

1. Cut a length of ribbon about 4 - 6 inches.
2. Put some tape runner adhesive on the ends.
3. Wrap the ribbon very closely (but not overlapping) around a dowel (I used a paintbrush handle)
4. Carefully heat the ribbon for a few minutes with your heat tool, making sure you twirl the dowel around to get all sides.
5. Let it cool for a couple of minutes.
6. Remove from dowel and trim ends.
7. Use on your project!


Renee said...

Oh that's cool!
Happy first birthday, Nathan! Enjoy your day!
Sweet card, Laura. You did a great job on it and the ribbon is the perfect touch!
Rubber Hugs,

Kim Ross said...

Laura, I think that's the most adorable card I've ever seen! I love all the colors, the backgrounds, and of course that curly ribbon. A+! :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, I LOVE your cards - your blog - your tutorials! What an adorable birthday card this is! Thanks for the instructions and inspiration - Jessica "jessjean"

Cindy Keery said...

Very cool idea for the ribbon! Thanks for explaining how to do it.

Cindy Keery said...

Also, I was wondering... where do you get the oval stamp that is beneath the elephant?

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy) said...

THIS is AWESOME!!! LOVE every bit of it!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what step you took to make the "riving" tag multi colored?

Candy(cwilliams) said...

Laura, this is aborable!

Michelle said...

What a cute little card! I bet Nathan will love it! I love the ribbon curls and will have to try that on some of my own cards. Thanks for sharing how to do it!

Erika Martin said...

Now that is one of the MOST adorable cards I have ever seen using that set!!!!!

Amber said...

Oh how cute. I would have never thought of using "korkers" on a card. I bake my ribbon in the oven.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how adorable!!!

Connie said...

I love the curled ribbon, what a great idea!

Sarah Moore said...

Love this idea! Thanks so much!

Stefanie said...

Thanks for the curled ribbon instructions! They look so cute!

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