Mom update!

Mom had the surgery to remove the cancerous mass today. They removed the mass and a bit around it for good measure as well as the closest lymph node. Preliminary tests show the lymph node is CANCER FREE!!!!!! They still have more tests to run on the mass itself as well as the node, but so far things look really good. No chemo! As soon as she heals from the surgery, they are off to Florida to resume their RV travels. "Just a bump in the road." to quote my Dad.

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts!


Dotty said...

Glad to hear that things are looking good for your mother. And, Happy Belated Birthday! Best wishes to you, and continued thoughts & prayers for your family.

love2Bcreative said...

Hi Laura
I just found your blog tonight as I was blogging along ~~ I just wanted to say hello, and I was soooo happy to read that all sounds soo good with your Mom!! Yeah!! What a scary time leading up to surgery for you and your family!! Also, happy belated Birthday to you as well!! I will be checking in here now more often as you do *awesome stampin' stuff* Thanks for the inspiration!! & {{{HUGGS to your Mom!!}}}

Kath said...

What wonderful news. Have a super weekend.

Joyce said...

Laura, that is great news about your Mom. What a good birthday present for you. Wishing you and your families the best.

Danita said...

HUGE sigh of relief!! Thanks so much for the fab news!!

Debbie said...


So glad your mom's surgery went well. I'll pray that her and your dad get back on the road again real soon.


Dale Anne said...

Good news!
And, I'll keep your Mom in my thoughts & prayers!!!

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