Stamp Cleaners - Which one?

Well, there are SO many stamp cleaners on the market today, I thought I'd try a bunch of them out and let you all know the results. So far I have only tried the first 4, but I plan on getting the other 2 this weekend. I'll add my finding on those later. Now I'm judging these based on their ability to clean SU's Basic Black and Stazon ink off the stamps. For water based inks (like SU's Classic inks) I use my own homemade stamp cleaner! recipe to follow ;)

My favorite stamp cleaner by far is the 1st one. Judikins Fabric and Permanent Ink Cleaner! It stinks to high heaven, but it cleans even Stazon off my stamps with ease. Old and new stains alike, it doesn't really matter, it gets them all pretty well. I'm a fan of the dauber top, so that helps it's standing a little bit too. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to find. My old lss carried it before they went out of business and I've used all I bought from there :( I did find a place to order the LARGE jug, but I haven't ordered any yet. Price about $3

My next favorite is the Ranger Solvent ink cleaner (red bottle). This one stinks too, but not as bad as the Judikins. This one will get the ink off your stamps if the stains are pretty fresh, for the older stains, it does ok. Again, the dauber top is nice, I think it helps you use only as much cleaner as you need. I just touch the dauber top to a paper towel to clean it off after each stamp. Price about $3.50 - $4

Now the one that SO many people rave about, Ultra Clean. While this cleaner doesn't stink the way the others do, and it does a nice job (not the best IMHO) of getting the ink off my stamps, I just don't like it. Why? I've found that it's oily. If I get this stuff on my hands while I'm cleaning a stamp, I have to stop and wash my hands before I touch my project again. I don't have time for that! I have ruined too many cards because of oily fingerprints because of this cleaner. It's also a spray, which is fine, I do use a spray bottle for my own cleaner, but for the price, I think you waste more than you use. Price about $5 - $6

Now StazOn Cleaner, it smells nice (like lemons) but honestly it didn't get the ink off my stamps very well. It's also VERY oily and I have to clean my stamps again with a regular cleaner to get the residue off of them. Personally I will not buy this one again. Price about $4

For the last 2, as I said before, I will get them this weekend and let you know what I think. I have heard good things about both, but I also heard fantastic things about Ultra Clean and it turns out I don't really care for it, so we'll see!

Ok for the regular stamp cleaner recipe:

1 gallon Distilled water (pour out about 1/2 cup or so)
4 - 6 TBS Glycerin (ask at the pharmacy counter for it)
and about 3 good squirts of Baby Wash (don't use too much or it gets too sudsy)

Mix this all in the Gallon jug the water comes in and don't forget to label it! I made a batch of this stuff over a year ago and I still have 2/3 of it left. I stamp everyday, so I use a lot! LOL I just put some in a cheap spritz bottle I got at Wal-Mart in the beauty section. Spritz it on my scrubber and away we go!

***I have been asked about Baby Wash. Basically it's just a very gentle soap. You can get a small bottle at the $1 Store if you don't have little ones around anymore. ***

Oh and a cheap alternative to the stamp scrubber SU sells ... paint pads. I can get 2 paint pads for just under $3 and then I can replace them when they get stained and nasty. I just clean them in the sink with regular soap and let them dry after each stamping marathon. Yes, they do "shed" a little bit, but only until they've been "broken in" for a few days. I bet I could take them to the sink when I first get them and scrub them until they don't "shed" anymore. I'll have to try that, it's about time for a new batch anyway!


Joan said...

Thanks for the review. I'm sooo glad you posted about the Ultra clean because I thought I needed it and now realize that I don't.

Joyce said...

Laura, thanks for this review. I have some old stamps that I have acquired that I would love to be able to clean. I'll have to check out your recommendations.

Lenita said...

I REALLY like using Kiss-Off on my old stains, have you tried that against these yet?

texasjodylynn said...

Thanks for the "study" Laura. I almost bought the Ultra Clean, but I am glad I read your post as I don't like oily cleaners either. I am FAR too messy. I did want to add that I taught a class at my LSS yesterday and one of my class attendees had found my blog and then linked from mine to yours using the link on my blog. She was raving about your stamp cleaner article. I thought it was cool and figured I would share that with you. She asked the LSS owner to please find her the Judikins with scrubber top. LOL You SOLD her on it. :)

Debbie said...

Thnaks for the info, very valuable. Just a question, what is baby wash? Not sure if that's a detergent or what. Can you tell my kids are long grown? LOL

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a small amount of a baby shampoo work in place of baby wash?

Very good article I found by googling "best stamp cleaner" in desperation wondering which to buy

EdaMommy said...

Thanks for the recipe. I just bought SU's large bottle for $9.50 and afterward thought "Duh--I'll bet there's a recipe online--cheap!" I don't use it as fast as you do, so when this bottle's gone, I'll try your recipe.

Anonymous said...

ooopsy, i just got alot of that ultra cleaner. I saw a girl making a good review so i thought i buy alot. Whaever, i'll be set with stamping cleaner for a while. I also was planning on making my own stamping cleaner with the glycerine and baby wash. I was also gonna test the S.U stamping mist bottle.

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