Wheely Sparkly

This is for the CC83 color challenge on SCS. I started out with something totally different in mind when I started stamping, but you know how it goes sometimes, things just kinda evolve into the finished card as you work. That's exactly what happened here.

I was going to have 2 panels that slightly overlapped, but I didn't like it when I tried it out. Then I was going to use white brads for the flower centers, but when I was getting them out, I saw the Rhinestones and well, that was that! LOL The white edge was another after thought, then it got too heavy and I had to tone it down, so I stamped the whole thing with Linen. That helped a little, but I still needed to work the white around some more. UGH!

I really need to use my Primas more often! I have a TON, but I never think to add them to my cards. But when I do, I always like them.

SO glad I was able to trade for Warmest Regards! I LOVE this set! The font is so nice, kinda half formal/half casual. Plus FINALLY I have a sympathy sentiment. Not that look forward to using it, but it's nice to know I have one if I need it.


Trish D said...

Great card!! Love the soft colors along with with that touch of olive green with the Primas. And what a cute way to use the primas - when I do actually use mine, they just get slapped on randomly as opposed to truly being integrated in the design.

Denise said...

Really sweet - the tiny Primas spilling out of the wheelbarrow are just too cute!

Keri S said...

Oh my word this is sooo cute!!! I love the tumbling flowers!!!!

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