New and Improved Color Combo Site!

It's finally up and running! My NEW and Improved Color Combo site!

The functionality is all the same, we've just made it easier to use and to see what colors you are choosing. The new "In Colors" have been added as well as some combos to start you off!

I haven't gotten all the old combos transferred to the new database yet, and I probably won't add all of them. There are too many fluke combos in the old database. I will add all the 3 and 4 color combos, just not the 5 color combos.


OK so for the changes:

The biggest change is the addition of the In Colors and the removal of the colors that retired 2 years ago.

You now can only choose a color once. This way we won't get duplicate entries in the combos.

You may only save 3 colors or more. If you want to add a 2 color combo, add white to it :)

The colors are computer generated to make it faster for the database to run. Therefore, they might not be exact to the SU colors, but I have tried really hard to get them as close as possible.

We changed servers so that we could use a real database. But the new domain is not free like the old one was, so there is a donation button. It is totally optional, and I will NEVER charge for this site, but it does cost me money to have it up now, so ...

The new URL is

We will have it automatically redirect you from the old site after we've added all the combos! But please update your bookmarks!


If I think of something else, I will add it, but for now those are the biggest changes!

I'm really glad everyone loves the idea of this site and DH and I would LOVE to hear your feedback on the new version.

HUGE thanks go out to Sarah for helping me enter the combos from the old site!


jessica said...

Thank you for the awesome tool! I was a big fan of the original version & now I'm an even bigger fan of the new one! Great job, and thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. I cannot imagine how much work has gone into producing this. Thanks so much for sharing.


Dale Anne said...

What a FABULOUS tool you've created!!!
I have linked your database to my blog and I hope all my friends/customers will make a donation and use your resource!!!
THANK YOU ever so much!

Dale Anne said...

I presume that you have already put all the combos from SCS Challenges in there........

asela said...

Thank you so very much for this wonderful tool...I'll be putting a link to it on my blog also.

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