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So you've heard about the SCS member whose DH made this wonderful tool for stampers. We'll that SCS'er is ME :) I asked my DH who is a computer programmer by trade, to make a site where I could try out color combos before I cut into my expensive CS. So he did! Isn't he the greatest!

It's really pretty easy to use, but I have been asked about a zillion times how it works, so I hope I am able to sum it up here.

My Color Combo Site

You need to know at least one color you want to work with, say Bashful Blue. Then you chose Bashful Blue from the drop down box.

Then you have 2 options, you can either hit search to get all the combos that have Bashful Blue in them OR you can chose another color. Let's chose another color for this example.

Then you’d hit search and it will find all the combos in the database that have BOTH your chosen colors in them. You can choose up to 4 colors and it will spit out the combos (if there are any) that contain your colors.

The surprise me button will randomly generate a 5 color combo. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s terrible. It’s just there for fun. Sometimes I’ll just be totally stuck as to what colors I’d like to use, so I try the surprise me button and I’ll get a great idea, just from 3 of the colors it shows me. Have fun with it, you never know what combo it’ll give you next!

There is nothing scientific about the combos. While some of them certainly follow the color theory, most do not. I collected these combos from around the web, from cards I saw, from other people but mostly they are entered by other users of the site.

The *’s don’t mean anything either ;) They are just the new colors from last year and I never got around to changing the samples.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the colors, use them for whatever your heart desires. If you want to use the 3rd color for your base, then do it! If you’d rather use the 1st one, then do that! This is just a tool to help you see what colors will look good together or which ones really don’t! LOL It isn’t meant to hold your hand and tell you exactly how to make your card. That’s where a little of your own creativity comes into play.

We are working on a new version which will include the new “In Colors” for 2006-2007 as well as separate the database into 3 color combos, 4 color combos and 5 color combos. There will also be an extra step when you are trying to save a combo. You’ll get the option to back out and not save the combo; it’ll be an “Are you sure?” type thing. . We’ve had a lot of combos saved, which really shouldn’t be in the database (not that the combo was “bad”, but they’ve had duplicate entries and such).

Color names © Stampin' Up!


bettybetty said...

Love the site, didn't know where it came from but now I do. Have used it for a long time but can't remember when or how I found it. I like it because it's no nonsense, no ads and lots of fun. I was confused as to why my colour saves weren't visible at first, why i couldn't go back to them, then i realized i didn't log in or do anything to id myself to the site so of course i could expect a mind reading from a computer, sheesh what we expect from machines these days. I did however wonder where the saved combos went. Now i know. Give you husband a big hug for me unless he's really sweaty and hasn't bathed in a month, for inventing that awesome thing.

Anonymous said...


I loved your colour combo site, but now i can't access it. It says "Page not found
The page you are looking for might have been removed,
had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

have you changed the website or is it now unavailable. If you could email me and let me know that would be excellent:

Thanks Alex

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