The View from my Porch

I promised a few friends some pictures from my new house, ummm back in July when I moved in.. uhh better late then never??? LOL Well here they are. Hey, at least I took the pictures!

The first pic is the view from my porch the week I moved in, back in July.

The second pic is the same view this weekend.

I still don't know why I ever left PA! It's really pretty here. Anyway there are the promised pictures. Maybe I'll get a chance to upload some pictures from Halloween as well as some of the latest cards I've made. Yes, you read that right, I actually made some cards! I know, it's been forever, but I have done a few. I'll try to see what I can do. Gotta scoot!


judy anderson said...

Oh Laura, I think I see Russia just over the horizon. lol Sorry couldn't resist.

Victoria said...

What a stunning view. Miss you girl.

Danita said...

Wow - just gorgeous!! Oooo, can't wait to see the Halloween invites!!

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! What a beautiful view. Lucky you!

PH in VA said...

Oh wow - the fall colors are fabulous in your area now!
It's good to "see" you again. :)

Helen said...

Gorgeous view - and I'm thrilled that you're so happy!

Lisa V said...

Lucky you!! That's one thing AZ doesn't have is the beautiful fall colors. Bet you're both loving it!

Kathryn said...

Laura, it's just beautiful!!!

And I wanted to say Happy Birthday today!

(And your card is on its way!)


Kelly S said...

Laura, I am glad you are enjoying PA! I can see why, that view is spectacular!! Someday soon I promise to mail your books back, I am so sorry I am being such a slacker... things have been a little busy with me lately. ;)

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