New Card and a story behind it.

Ok I'll start at the end and work forward. LOL Here's the card I made for my neighbor, he helped me out last week.

And here's the reason why! This is a combination of postings I made on a yahoo group I'm on. It's easier to just copy and paste all this rather than re-type it.


You are never, I mean never going to believe what was in my
bedroom????! !!!!


In my 2nd floor bedroom! OMG I am so freaked out right now. It's not a
poisonous one, but still that's the last thing you expect to find. I
was trying to get stuff together and out of the way to attempt to put
he air conditioner in the window and I moved the fan out of the way
and looked down as I set it on the floor. And there was the snake! It
was looking right at me and it was freaked out too, it started to try
to sound all threatening and made rattling sounds (no, it's not a
rattlesnake) but many snakes will try to intimidate by imitating the
rattle. Anyway, I screamed, not because I'm afraid of snakes, but
because I was so shocked and startled to have a SNAKE in my bedroom.
OMG I want out of this house SO badly!!!

So I started calling anyone I know, of course that's not too many
people around here. I got no answer from Rob, no answer from the
neighbor, no answer from my parents, but then I called my brother and
he answered. I was able to calm down quite a bit and talk to him. Then
my parents called back and I talked to them for a while. I feel a bit
better, but I'm still freaked.

I went back upstairs while I was talking to my brother and there was
no sign of the snake anywhere. I'm pretty sure it's back in the walls
or where ever it came from.

This happened a couple years before K was born too. I went to close
the closet door and there was a darkish "thing" on it. I didn't see it
exactly, but it fell to the floor with a thud and then disappeared. I
was pretty sure it was a snake, but Rob never believed me that that's
what it was. He couldn't imagine a snake in the second floor bedroom.
Since I didn't see it for sure, I second guessed myself. But not this
time, I KNOW what I saw, I looked the damn thing in the eyes. It was
definitely a snake.


Another Snake sighting... (same snake, different location - I HOPE!)

So I was in the kitchen finishing up making dinner when I hear this
sound coming from above me. We have a drop ceiling in there and I'm
quite used to the mice using it as a racetrack, but that's not the
sound I heard. It was distinctly the sound of scales scraping across
the ceiling tiles. OMG I called the neighbor immediately. So he came
over and started prodding and lifting the tiles to look. Well he saw
it! I am not crazy, there is a snake in my house. He had it pinned at
one point but it got away. Then we lost it :( I wish we could have
gotten the darn thing outta here. So the snake is somewhere still in
my house, now it's closer to the 1st floor than the 2nd, but as far as
I know it's still here.


We named him Fred.


Fred has been evicted!

by yours truly! You heard that right, *I* caught him! You don't want
to know where he was last night though...

IN MY BED!!!!!

I have to work today, so I set my alarm and it went off. He must not
have liked the sudden loud noise cuz he slithered out from under the

Now last night before I went to bed I stripped the bed down to check
it, but just on my side. No snake there, so I went to bed.

Anyway, once he was on the top of the covers and I was standing there
staring at him and him at me. I looked over to the top of the dresser
and saw a pillowcase and thought, well I won't ever have a better
chance to get him than now. So I took the pillowcase and turned it
inside out over my hand. I watched him and he tried to get back under
the covers, "I don't think so!" So I flipped the cover off him, he
coiled up a bit, and I grabbed a couple of coils as close to his head
as I could and flipped him into the pillowcase.

I ended up taking the pillowcase and putting it in a box and putting a lid on the box. I took the box to the neighbor's, since I had to work, I didn't have time to take Fred out and let him go in the fields. Luckily my neighbor is a really great guy and he did it for me. It was all surreal, I still can't believe that I slept with a snake in my bed all night long.

It's too bad I didn't get a picture of him, but I was more concerned about getting rid of him.

It was a Bull Snake, not poisonous, and pretty timid as far as snakes go. Just BIG, he was over 3 feet long. I have a King size bed and he took up most of the length of it and he wasn't stretched out fully!


Lisa Charleton said...


I'm not afraid of "critters" - but having a snake IN MY BED would totally freak me out!

P.S. Nice card!

Jennifer said...

OMG!!!! We just had a snake on our back deck, in my flowers and I flipped out. I would have been screaming if it was in my bed. You are amazing.

I LOVE the card.

Lisa V said...

HAH! Cute card!! I still say you should have hit the hotel the FIRST time you saw it!

L8ybug2 said...

I HATE snakes!!!! I told my husband the first time I see one outside will be the LAST time I go outside. So far after 12 years we've bwwn snake free (we live in the country).
I LOVE your card. Too cute!

austampers stampin room said...

I can't stop shivering!!!! YICH!! I hate snakes! This story was just like you said surreal...
Glad you caught him. Harmless or not! ;)

Love the card! :D

Nancy Riley said...

What a story! I don't think I could have stepped foot in the bedroom after seeing that snake in there! You were very brave to catch him!

I love the card you made for the occasion! Very appropriate and CUTE too!

denise said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am so scared after reading your story! I am not a snake person and they scare me to death no matter what kind or size! You are one brave lady. I am afraid that I would have just moved out and never returned until the snake was gone! I know now that I will be always looking... you just never know!
Denise G

Charla said...

GREAT card and clever concept!

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