Update on me

Ok so you know that for the past year I've been pretty absent from the blogging world. So here's why...

I'm in the middle of a divorce. My STBEx met someone else and left me last August. I've been through all the emotions and have now settled on, it's not as bad as it first seemed. I finally got the first draft of the settlement papers yesterday and everything looks pretty good. Hopefully we can agree on everything and this is the beginning of the end.

I've still been crafting on and off, but not to the extent I used to. I started a part time job at the lss. It's a dream come true! I get paid to make cards! I really love it! I just wish I could work there full time.

That leads me to my next step in life, to get a "real" job. I've been a SAHM for the past 5 years, so getting back out there is a bit intimidating, but I know I'll be able to find something.

The plan as of now, is to stay here in Illinois for the next year to save up some money and then move back to PA. If you have read my blog from the beginning, you'll know that the only reason I moved to IL was to be with my STBEx. So as long as I'm allowed, I plan to go back. I've reconnected with some of my friends from home and they are excited to have me back!

Luckily my DD is still pretty young and moving after she attends Kindergarten shouldn't be too traumatic for her. She can make friends anywhere :) I now it will be hard for her (and everyone involved) but I do think putting some distance between me and STBEx is the best thing.

So anyway, that's why I've been away. Blogging has been pretty far down the list of priorities for me. Hopefully once I get settled in an apartment, and get my life back on track a bit better, I'll be able to get back to it.


Tammi said...

Hang in there Laura. If he is going to be like that you are better off without him and your daughter will adjust fine. I moved my son at the first grade and he is glad I did. I am sure several of us have been through this and believe time heals.

Anonymous said...

Hold you head up high and follow your heart.The best thing you can do is be around a great support system and remember..a happy Mom makes happy kids. I have been there and wasn't smart enough to distance myself. Kids bounce back very quickly. I wish you well!
Kind thoughts,

bettybetty said...

I know a little of what you may be going through
My ex did leave 9 years ago after 9 years of marriage but we worked together so it was very public
so difficult
it was brutal
Death would be easier than divorce in some cases
Creating can help you as an outlet
lss that IS so great
they give you breaks at a job outside the home except all the stuff you need to get done is all waiting for you still
remember to take care of YOU too
and try to minimize the drama
children can be so resilant

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