Fall Swap Card

Hi guys! I've been forever in updating this thing, but life is crazy!

Anyway here's one of the latest cards I've made. It's for a Fall Swap I'm in, and no I don't usually go this all out on swap cards, but I really like this group of gals and wanted to do something special!

The stamps are Autumn Harvest and A Muse. I just love them and I think they work really well together!

There are a ton of steps here, but none are really that hard. First I stamped the small gourd and then masked it, then the round pumpkin, masked it, then the tall pumpkin and then lastly the acorns. I did this on watercolor paper. I knew I was going to be getting the paper quite wet with the watercoloring, so I wanted it to be able to stand up under that torture ;)

I am forcing myself to use my WCC I bought them and I hardly use them! I do like the results, I just am more comfortable with the watercolor pencils I have. So anyway, I put down some Summer Sun on the small gourd, and both pumpkins, then I went around the pumpkins with Pumpkin Pie and then some Really Rust on the tall pumpkin only. THEN I used my aquapainter to color those areas in. I found that I got a nicer look by mixing the colors then rather than layering. After that I worked on the greens and browns. It's all a matter of working with your colors and moving then into the areas you want. You want to put down the darkest colors last.

At first I didn't have the pokey holes or the copper brads on the card, but it looked boring. So I played with an image of the card in Photoshop and add "brads" and "holes" in various places until I came up with the final result. I like playing on Photoshop rather than playing around with my actual card, in case I do something that I hate LOL. At least in Photoshop, it's just a click away to remove the ickiness :)


Melissa said...


bettybetty said...

That is beautiful! I love it. I especially like how you made that squash two different colours. Nice job!

Danita said...

Love, love, love it!!!

DeStampin'Corner said...

Very pretty. I love the water colouring and you did a good job on the masking. I love this technique

Memmott Family said...

Is your site dowon for coloro combos?

Memmott Family said...

oops my email is

PATTY said...

Love your the Pumpkin card, love the colors you used. You do beautiful stamp work. I also love your lily card.


Debbie said...

Laura.... fabulous card! love the watercolor you did.... sorry that I'm not in this swap!


Kelly S said...

This is so beautiful! I love your coloring!!! Great job! I would love to get a card like this in a swap!!

Melissa said...

Super cute!

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