More Kitchen Re-Freshing

It's been a while since I posted and I'm sorry, but my life is crazy these days.

Here's the latest in my kitchen refresh :)

I finished the painting before my parents got here! Woo Hoo!! So all 4 chairs were done as well as the cabinets and the doors. Here are some pics!

I really need to find a new table cloth, but it's getting time to put my Halloween one on there so I won't worry about it just yet. These are the chairs I got from Freecycle. You have got to love that, 4 free chairs and a free table, a little time and a little paint and poof! New(to me) kitchen chairs and a new stamping table (for when I move out of here.)

Oh and don't ya just love the lamp? $4.99 at World Market, a $3 fixture and a $2 extension cord and a little wiring (yes, by me! I do know a little about electric work ;) ) and I have a brand new lamp for the kitchen.

Here's the finished cabinets with new hardware and finished trim as well. I chose the tangerine for the trim so it would be nice and bright. There are the new curtains too! Just finished those today. Talk about perfect! The lime green is exactly the same color as the cabinets and the lemons match the yellow chair perfectly! I couldn't believe it! You'd think I actually had a plan when I started all this huh?! LOL

Not sure if you can see the curtains or not, since this picture is pretty dark, but the fabric is really bright and fun with lemons all over. I love it! They brighten up the room even more!

All in all I'm really happy with the refresh. Now when I move I actually have some matching things to take with me to the new place. It'a amazing what you can do with a little time and some motivation!


Taylor said...

looks really fabulous!!! love all the bright, cheerful colors ::)

Victoria said...

So cute. I'd love to wake up and have breakfast in that cheerful kitchen.

Kelly S said...

Love the lamp and the colorful chairs! Great job on painting!!! Your kitchen is really looking great!

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