OMG we had a blast! The new stamps are AWESOME! We got to make 4 cards and we got a goodie bag and we got to purchase some of the new stamps before the "general public" ;) Seriously what could be better???

So, without further ado...

I'll start with the cards! The 1st 2 we made we're really easy, but SO cute! The first one is the same as the sneak peek on the A*Muse*a*palooza blog. The little snowman is really sweet and I don't usually care for the "squared" stamps. We colored him with markers (I wish we had a Copic for the background :( ) Then cut him out and put one of the clear scallop stickers over top! Then that was mounted on the scallop square (Mega size). The snowflakes were stamped in chalk ink as was the sentiment.

The other card is just darling! "To a deer friend" LOL The only thing "fancy" on this one was we used Sticky Stuff embossing powder (Heat-n-Stick) and then added the glitter to the pond. The pond is the large oval stamp. Everything else is colored with Prismacolors.

Next 2 cards...

These are my favorites! The Pumpkin stand is SO adorable, and we also used another new stamp, it's a bare tree with pumpkins hanging off the branches! Too CUTE. (I would have bought that one, but they sold out :( ) Anyway, lots of masking here, we stamped the 2 pumpkins first (they were from the tree) then masked them, stamped the Pumpkin Stand and masked it, then stamped the grass. It's supposed to have a crow sitting on top of the stand but I forgot.

Then we come to the Thanksgiving card. How funny is that car? We used the leafy tree and stamped it up in the right hand corner a bunch of times, then we punched out the 1" circle for the sun. The gray strip was put down and then the car was stamped. I had to "fix" mine, cuz I didn't get a good impression, oh well. The car was colored with colored pencils and we added the "wood" to the panels.

These cards went together so quickly. I'd never used the A*Muse notecards before, but combine them with the Pretty papers and you have a really fast and easy card!

Ok now for the freebies!

Can you believe it??? We each got an assortment pack of notecards, a sheet of the clear scallop stickers, some gift tags, a STAMP, and an ink pad!!! WOW! Seriously that was too cool! So I got to make 4 CUTE cards and got a great goodie bag and had a blast all for $18! Ok so the $18 was BEFORE I bought a bunch of new rubbah ;)

And here it is, my NEW A*Muse stamps! There were a few that sold out early that I'm just going to have to go back and get later (oh darn ;) ) but here are the ones that made their way into my bag tonight!

Yea, I know, these aren't all "new", but they are new to my collection! Since I already have the Tractor, I HAD to get the pumpkin cart and then since I was getting the cart, I couldn't leave the U-Pick sign or the "You're the PICK of the PATCH" sentiment there now could I? ;) The camper and the Marshmallow stick were in my "hold" bag from the last release, so I had to bring them home too! But my favorite is the Haunted House! It's so flippin' CUTE! I have this thing for Halloween stamps. I LOVE them! I don't really send too many Halloween cards, but I can't not buy the stamps, it's a sickness ;)

Ok some of the other stamps that were there...
There's a whole Nativity group of stamps, complete with Camel. A bunch of soccer stamps, some adorable new "shops" - a stamp store, a sporting goods shop, and another one, I can't remember. There's a winter house (it's on my list too) with an Irish proverb - May your house be too small to hold all your friends! Oh and a baby Penguin! Too cute! And, and, and
well there are a LOT! LOL I could have spent FAR more money, but I restrained myself (sort of ;) )

So that was A*Muse*a*palooza for this year! Is it too early to start thinking about next year? LOL


Taylor (stagccva) said...

What cute loot!!!! I love it! Glad you had so much fun!

Kristina Lewis said...

Love the cards you made!! I love the goodies! This is so much fun!

Lisa V said...

Laura--glad you had a good time. We had a blast teaching the class!! I'm so happy you liked the Turkey Wagon card....I was afraid nobody would appreciate it when I designed it. :-) BTW, we put in a HUGE order this morning and it should be here by Thursday--get out your charge card!!!

Danita said...

One of the other store stamps was a book store (yippee!). So glad you talked me into going - I had a *blast*!! I'll get a chance to show DH all my swag tonight - woohoo!! Hope to play with all the new toys this weekend.

Linda B. said...

Laura -
You are too sweet!! I'm glad you had so much fun! I loved seeing you again. It had been too long. I sure wish you could make it to Wednesday's and Friday's classes, too. You and Danita both cracked me up. I kept slacking off just so I could sit and visit with you guys. Love love love the new A Muse designs....aren't they so much fun!!??

scoopy said...

Hi Laura, looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your report! (And glad you liked my Pumpkin Stand design!) *hugs*

Dawn said...

cute cards.. love that turkey on top of the wagon..

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